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From planning to installation, we support you with extensive innovation, quality materials and a commitment to customer service that is second to none.

We look forward to helping you create a beautiful space with a quiet environment.

Selecting Suitable Fabrics

Through our many years of experience with fabrics and the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of acoustical panels and baffles, our technical staff has come to know the chemical and physical properties of fabrics that make them suitable for use on Acousticore Acoustical Panels and Baffles. Our sales and technical staff will gladly work with you in selecting a fabric that will achieve your design goals, while creating a product of superior quality.

With the goal of offering the finest possible products, we have developed a list of recommended fabrics that have been proven over many years to be ideal for use on Acoustical Panels and Baffles due to their stability, durability and ease of installation. These fabrics are economically priced, readily available and have a Flammability Rating of Class A in accordance with ASTME-84 Tunnel Test. Shown below are samples of some of these these fabrics. To order color cards for these or any of our other recommended fabrics please contact us at (888) 429-9882 or at inquiry@bentonbrotherssolutions.com. You can also view a wide variety of decorative upholstery fabrics from the following manufacturers websites:

Guilford of Maine - www.guilfordofmaine.com

Carnegie Fabrics - www.carnegiefabrics.com

Maharam Fabrics - www.maharam.com

Absecon Mills - www.absecon.com

Selecting the Right Fabrics

For a look at colors and fabric styles, click here.

Fabric selection is not limited only to the recommended Acousticore Acoustical fabrics. The Customer may use any upholstery weight fabric that meets Benton Brothers Solutions' specifications for weight, opacity and fiber content and physical characteristics.

The selection of Customers Own Material (COM) fabrics must be based on the following criteria:
  • The fabric must be upholstery weight.
  • The fabric must be opaque or must have the ability of being rendered opaque through the application of an appropriate backing.
  • The fabric must not contain more than 25% of any hydrophilic fiber, such as Rayon, Spun Nylon or Acetate. Hydrophilic fibers will absorb atmospheric moisture and become unstable, resulting in sagging and puddling of the fabric. The Fabric must have a Flammability Rating of Class A in accordance with ASTME-84 Tunnel Test.
  • All COM fabrics must be inspected Benton Brothers Solutions and approved for use on Acousticore Acoustical products.

Note: The addition of acrylic, knit or foam backings may be required to enhance the performance of some fabrics to insure their suitability for application on acoustical panels and baffles.

Our technical personnel and account executives will gladly assist designers and customers in the selection of the most suitable fabrics to achieve their desired aesthetic goals while maintaining the acoustical performance and quality of our products

"It is our goal to provide the highest quality finished product by applying our years of knowledge and experience with fabric and acoustical products, while assisting our customers with achieving their aesthetic objectives."

- Dale A. Benton

President, Benton Brothers Solutions, Inc.