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From planning to installation, we support you with extensive innovation, quality materials and a commitment to customer service that is second to none.

We look forward to helping you create a beautiful space with a quiet environment.

Throughout the years, we have concerned ourselves with the interests of our clients. By dedicating a team that is attentive to the needs of each project, we are able to consistently provide professional service and quality workmanship at every phase of the construction process. Our representatives work closely with designers in the planning stages while our estimating and operations personnel coordinate the manufacturing, shipping and installation with contractors and end users. We approach each project, from start to finish, with the same concern that we would have if we were designing and/or installing it for ourselves. By empowering our employees to take ownership, our projects are done right, the first time.

We offer solutions for all types of sound control situations and environments. We can provide the most economical solution as well as accommodate the needs of intensive, demanding high-end applications. With nationwide experience, we have been able to establish an enviable reputation for being an outstanding contractor. However, we know that reputation alone will not maintain the confidence that others have in us. For that reason, job-by-job and year-by-year we continue striving to deliver ideas and solutions that please.

Dale A. Benton
President & CEO